Tech Outfits are more inspired than ever this Mid Autumn

As we cruise into the Mid Autumn weekend, we are seeing a bout of creative energy shaping up in the sea of tech outfits in China. Gifting mooncakes as an employee perk has transcended the mundane and risen to the level of edible art. Here are some familiar names that are taking internal comms seriously:

Didi Dache 滴滴打车 taxi app takes Mid Autumn gifting a notch higher with its beautiful qinghuaci (blue & white ceramics) motif, offering 5 flavours whose names allude to sentiments that are very in line with the values of the season: happiness, clarity, blissed out and more.

It’s easy to lose sight of the flavours and meanings when the the mooncakes are so darn cute – even if this a huge plug for the company’s mascot. This, only at Alibaba 阿里巴巴.

Hot on the heels of photo editing app Meitu XiuXiu 美图秀秀’s MeituFamily emoticons launch, their family of cute cartoons like Eggy, Bun and Charles have made their way onto mooncakes skin, guaranteed to make this one of the sweetest Mid Autumn Fests for their teammates.

Source: WeChat/微信 – 商务范

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