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Kuan’s Living’s work graces the Business Class seats of China Airlines.

It’s mouthed in the same breath as Frette and Pratesi – its linens are used in China Airlines’ newgen business class cabin as well as Mandarin Oriental Taipei. The Business Class product, featuring a two-wool blend blanket, is extremely comfortable, replicating the comfort of fab homes and inspired by the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty. Over at he MO, Madonna, when she was in town, said she felt like she slept in the lap of luxury in their beds.

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The girl had always known good taste.

Meet Viola Chen 陳靜寬 of Kuan’s Living 寬庭, also affectionately known as the OL-turned-founder of a luxury linen empire, with offices in Taipei and Milan, worth close to USD 30 million. During the early years of her twenty-something year business, she was faced with a serious defect from her product line and sought to find the solution in Europe. In one of the many deep, dark winters of the 90s, she set off on a journey to Poland and Austria to find help and wasn’t about to let the austere feel of a planned economy that had recently opened up to the world deter her.
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Craftsmanship, coupled with a focus on details and a team that understands branding, public relations and marketing, lay the foundation for a multimillion dollar linen & lace empire.

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Viola demonstrates the art of ironing, bringing out the rhythm in fabric.

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Postergirl Viola Chen displays finesse.

There are many stories of brands, labels and people who have inspired many others and Viola Chen’s is one of them.
Taiwanese channel TVBS’ Poster Personality 看板人物‘s host Chang Nien-hua 張念華 speaks to the immaculately groomed and elegant Viola Chen.
Kuan’s Living – Flagship 寬庭 – 官邸旗艦店
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183, Fu-lin Road, Shih-lin District, Taipei, Republic of China, +86 2 2831 2277
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20 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, +86 21 5252 2990
Kuan’s Living 
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