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Take Charge of Your Health

Harness the wonders of Mother Nature to boost your immunity and adopt a healthy lifestyle


10 Mar 2021


Myrita2 is a space to pause, ponder about how to take charge of one’s health, and prosper from the lifestyle changes. This newly-launched book is a collection of sixteen delicious recipes, using primarily fresh fruits and vegetables, to boost your immune system – it all starts from a rainbow diet and clean eating. The kitchen is potentially a fun and fantastic laboratory for you to cook up different combinations of fresh ingredients for yourself and your loved ones. Talent Coach and Multi-Disciplinary Learning Designer Louise YT Phua’s second publication equips her readers with tips, tricks and toolkits on food hygiene, food journal, hydration, physical activity and more. This handy guide is meant to help the self-directed earthling become a healthier person. Myrita is inspired by the Spanish name, Rita, which means ‘pearl’ – a space for readers to arrive at their own pearls of wisdom. 


Myrita2 is for every earthling who has survived the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, we have learnt important lessons to better care for and appreciate ourselves, our communities and Mother Earth. When we grasp collectively with panic as a human race, there is hope for an exhale into a brighter future,” says Louise Phua.


The Inspiration


When Singapore went into lockdown (or “circuit breaker” as we know it) in April 2020,  Louise consolidated her plant-based recipes and health tips and brought Myrita2 to life. At the time of writing, the human race was confronted by an unparalleled wave of uncertainty and gloom. In the absence of scientifically proven therapeutics and vaccines available then, leading health experts recommended frequent hand washing with soap and water, and wearing face masks to combat COVID-19. Additionally, we were advised to maintain regular exercise and boost our immune system by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. As the author was sharing her own all-natural plant-based recipes plus health tips, she eventually turned the contents into a book.


As her career developed in the pan-Asia region over the past two decades, Louise witnessed several clients, colleagues and friends who had encountered health issues. There were high-flying achievers with one thing in common: their stellar careers came to a standstill due to poor health, an outcome of neglect and oversight. During their younger days, they took their health for granted and were lulled into the false assumption of being invincible. Each one experienced a wake-up call to reflect on her/his state of health and well-being.


Louise was born into a Teochew family. From birth, she lived on diets with low sugar, low salt and little oil. Teochews tend to favour the natural taste of fresh produce and thus the traditional cuisine developed as one that embraces light cooking techniques such as steaming, poaching, and quick stir-fries. Seasoning is used sparingly, primarily to enhance the natural freshness of ingredients during food preparation. Light and clean soup bases are preferred in lieu of robust and complex flavours. This style of cooking emphasises clean eating for many centuries, long before it became trendy, so it is no surprise that Teochew fare is considered one of the healthiest in the world of Chinese food.


The Features


Myrita2 consists of all-natural remedies from Eastern and Western traditions which are accessible to most people everywhere. None of the recipes claim to be a cure-all to good health. However, each entry aims to raise awareness of the myriad of wholesome goodness that Mother Nature has blessed earthlings with. On top of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, there are over 4,000 types of phytochemicals or phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables, each phytochemical offers a host of health promoting functions and immunity boosters. We can find many natural remedies within easy access without having to resort to ultraprocessed food and chemical compounds. In this book, Louise shares sixteen all-natural plant-based recipes that she makes for her family and loved ones.     


Among them are six easy-to-do juices that most urbanites can make at home. For instance, Awesome Aloe Vera Lemonade is inspired by a fast-growing tropical plant that, when used together with zesty fresh lemon juice, creates a cooling refreshment offering a dose of vitamin C and cleansing effect on the human organs. Another one is Minty Watermelon Cooler. Watermelon’s water content is 92 percent and is one of the most low-calorie hydrating fruits. As it comes from the red family of fruits and vegetables in the rainbow diet, watermelon contains lycopene. Lycopene is a phytonutrient that contributes to the cherry-red colour, and is found to curb diabetes and some cancer.


Readers can also whip up savoury healthy soups by using Vivid Vegetables Soup Stock. This soup stock can be easily brewed at home with three to four basic ingredients – carrots, celery, leeks, and onions, then flavoured by salt and pepper. Furthermore, the soup stock may be refrigerated or frozen for later use. The author has included soup recipes such as Plush Pumpkin Stew, Delicate Egg Flower Soup, and Wondrous Winter Melon Soup, to help readers experiment with and explore various fresh ingredients in the home kitchens. Optional ingredients are included in most recipes to offer alternatives to the readers to pander to individuals’ preferences.


Additionally, health tips and toolkits on hydration challenge, physical activity, food journal, fitness bingo, are included to enable readers to explore, experiment and enhance their healthy lifestyles. 


Each reader may personalise with her or his thoughts, feelings, action plans and colours. Myrita2 is designed to be a multi-dimensional journey for people who want to take charge of their health, and take action to adopt healthy habits. Nine therapeutic colouring activities featuring plant-based ingredients are included for those who wish to take a break from their busy urban life and add colour to their existence.

These colouring activities in Myrita2 are hand-illustrated by local artist Sophia Yong. She is the founder and owner of National Accounting and a business consultant on systems and efficient operations in finance. As a living example of someone who takes a holistic approach to health and beauty, Sophia firmly believes in keeping the child in us alive and that adults can continue to doodle and splatter colourful paint. Two samples – a teapot and aloe vera – of Sophia’s illustrations are included here.

In August 2019, Myrita was launched as a book and guided reflection journal for people to pause, ponder and prosper. Myrita is an aid for self-directed urbanites who are taking on new life projects, or shifting life priorities. It adopts an integrated and holistic approach to help readers with their new journey in constructing their future selves. Myrita2 came as a second installation and response to the pandemic.


Myrita and Myrita2 can also be customised for any institution, organisation, cafes and wellness centre. Both book may be re-designed so companies can include their logos as company branding, modify the contents and activities, feature selected employees and more.


Recommended retail price (RRP) for Myrita2 is $18.95 for soft cover, $36.95 for hard cover.




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Louise YT Phua is a talent coach for global citizens and international nomads in life and work transition. Louise thrives in people development. Together with her clients, she helps individuals and organisations construct and realise their future selves.


In her practice as a talent coach / facilitator of adult learning, Louise encounters many adults who have struggled with health issues. The majority of Louise’s coaching clients and learners are urbanites in their twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties. Often, these clients are deeply engrossed in career progression that they have forgotten that health is wealth. When health checks and nagging aches reveal serious conditions, these adult learners look for instant gratification and quick fixes.


When Louise published her first book, Myrita,  in 2019, she received overwhelming encouragement from friends, family, and peers. Myrita, Rita is Spanish for  ‘pearl’, is a space to pause and ponder about life projects and new priorities and prosper from taking positive action. This series of books is designed to help readers explore, experiment, and expand their lives, therefore finding their own pearls of wisdom.


Louise has almost twenty years’ work experience in talent acquisition and people development. On a daily basis, Louise interacts with a wide spectrum of talents with various professions, nationalities, personalities, and aspirations. As she specialises in the life sciences and consumer markets, a majority of the talents that Louise works with include dentists, doctors, flavourists, food scientists, food technologists, healthcare economists, hospital administrators, logisticians, microbiologists, nutritionists, packaging professionals, pharmacists, consumer marketing specialists, and more. During her conversations with these talents, they exchange knowledge about various aspects of life sciences.


A Singaporean by birth, she has worked and lived in Australia, China, France, and Malaysia. While effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, Louise also speaks basic French and Bahasa Indonesia. She is a serious practitioner of mindfulness and Iyengar yoga.


Louise holds a MA Lifelong Learning from University College London Institute of Education and a BA Marketing and the Media from Murdoch University, Western Australia. A certified coach in positive psychology, Louise has completed Harvard education in healthy eating and improving your memory.


Louise’s Teochew’s family lives on a diet with low sugar, low salt, and little oil. The author favours the natural taste of fresh produce.

At the heart of it, Louise relishes the personal story of how each earthling can overcome obstacles and become a slightly better version of oneself.


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