Man with Erongo Lagoon Tourmaline Gemstone Bespoke Jewellery Singapore
Director & Brand Curator Harris Zaidi with a gem-quality trillion-cut Erongo lagoon tourmaline

Bespoke jewellery atelier shares tips for curating a timeless collection

VIVIAN YUEN | 18 September 2020

We could all do with some bling in our lives, but if you’re looking for a piece of jewellery to truly represent you and still captivate your heart long after you’ve said yes (to the ring… or necklace, bracelet), you’re not going to find it in the shops. The answer? Bespoke jewellery.

Deeply personal and timeless bespoke jewellery

Arte Oro, a bespoke jewellery atelier specialising in coloured gemstones based in Singapore, believes in the romantic journey of bespoke jewellery creation. The atelier makes it their duty to fully understand every customer’s story and preferences through personal consultations and thorough editing and curation of gems. Their goal is to make sure you’re happy – whether it’s one or ten years after your purchase.

Man with bespoke jewellery sapphire ring
Gem aficionado Harris Zaidi dons his precious cornflower blue sapphire on his left index finger

Last month, Director and Brand Storyteller Harris Zaidi shared his experience as a gem collector  and his number one tip on building a bespoke jewellery collection that is deeply significant on  local radio.


On the show, he talks about how his collection is destined to be an encapsulation of his heritage and view of the world he lives in today; how gemstones and jewellery are more than mere adornments and instead nuggets of stories waiting to be discovered and told.


Listen to a snippet of Harris’ story as a gem collector in his convo with Eugene Loh on CNA938’s Singapore Stories here, or read the highlights below:

Self-professed gem geek

“It all started when I was introduced to a bespoke jeweller, Danilo Gianonni, by a girlfriend of mine who knew him when she was in Hong Kong dealing with coloured diamonds. Danilo relocated to Singapore because of his family – his wife is Singaporean – and he wanted to make Singapore his home base and raise his children here.


My girlfriend was telling me that I could do one of those fabulous dinners and make connections… something less formal. So I was like, ok sure.”


“As I was talking to him [Danilo] and looking around his office – because my background is in communications and branding and I used to do this for my clients all the time – I spied at the corner of my eye [a gem], and asked:

“Is that a tsavorite; a tanzanite?”


And he said: “Yes it is. Oh! You know this stuff!”


Then I said: “Yes, I know this stuff! I love this stuff!”


So our entire conversation sidetracked, and he started bringing out his gems and showing them to me.


And I told him that I was actually wanting to start a collection myself.”

Harris’ first gems – An identical pair of electric blue tanzanites

7.8 carat electric blue natural tanzanite from tanzania bespoke jewellery

“The next thing I knew, Danilo gave me a call and told me that he had a pair of amazing tanzanites and asked if I wanted to take a look. I went over to see it and it was in my favourite cut – emerald-cut – in electric blue.” 


“What was amazing about it was that it was all-natural, as most tanzanites would require you to heat it to remove impurities; almost 99% of all tanzanites are lab treated. Instead, the crystals encapsulating these tanzanites were naturally heated by the Earth; there was no artificial heating. It [the two tanzanites] was my introduction into this world [of gems].”

Harris’ top tip on finding your perfect gemstone and bespoke jeweller in Singapore

“It’s important for you as a collector to know people who are really connected to the mines and gem dealers so you get first dibs [when a stone is uncovered]. The gem stones are very rare.”


“For example, there’s this very rare stone called the padparadscha sapphire – it’s a beautiful peach, red, orange stone. And even if you have the money, there is just no stone out there [for you to buy]. However, if you know someone who is really close to the source, and something does get dug up and faceted, you would be one of the first to see it. What’s more – everything that is curated and brought to you would already have multiple certificates; you’ll know it’s highly investable.

Discover Arte Oro on their website and Instagram.

Reach out to us if you need more information, high resolution images or wish to enquire regarding interview opportunities with Arte Oro.


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